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13 September 2007 @ 06:32 am
Panda Bear, Inc.

yep. go there.
13 August 2007 @ 12:00 pm
I'm getting more and more into Photoshop lately. I wanna have its babies. I swear if electrocution wasn't a factor I'd be going down on it right now.

they totally heart eachotherCollapse )
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Music: i will - radiohead
26 July 2007 @ 04:54 am
YES it's been 6 weeks since i've updated. but lee's net is fucked up so before i'm going to bed i want to obsess about something. that something is a little show i'd like to call 'heroes'. ok. who has seen it? i know you have, lee. but omg yeah. i'm not even done with the first season so i don't want any spoilers past episode 18.

ok. jessica. let me start off by saying how i fall for psychotic people. psychotic sexy people who have alter egos of course. and jessica/nikki sanders is fucking. amazing. she was wearing a suit in the last ep i saw. yum! and claire.. yes claire i love as well.. mostly because of the way she kept impaling herself thru the first several eps HAHAHAAH god that was so funny. and now yeah each show i'm crossing my fingers that something new cool happens to her. all the boys in the show i pretty much hate. except for peter he's getting kinda cool. now that he can do some shit that sylar does.

i seriously wanna start heroes picspams.

jessica is so my boyfriendCollapse )
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08 June 2007 @ 09:46 am
can't update much i gotta get ready for work in about 10 minnies.. basically i've left my house almost every day this week!! isn't that odd/exciting!

my friend kathryn is moving out of her apartment this weekend. it makes me sad. i've had SOO many memories there with her and cat. (cat has already moved out.)

work has been very nice. i never realized how much i missed bartending until i went back. plus, it's more fucking money than i could ever imagine. i really don't see how ridiculously rich people don't buy everything in sight. i'm like.. itching to spend it all. *scratches self* i work today till 3.. i think i'm going to try to find some more eliza movies today at fye.. then buy some PS2 games.. and possibly the tru calling seasons. but OMG THEY'RE SO EXPENSIVE! i really don't understand. it's like $60 for the first season. obviously sales are horrible. i think fox hates eliza.

BUFFY UPDATE! buffy walked in.. and... and joyce was unconscious. i think i might die watching the next ep. i woke up EARLY to watch the next ep with lee but YOU ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ASS. so i'll have to wait i suppose. i know i'll update when she dies.

omg. oh yeah. so kathryn called me and woke me up this morning all freaking out because a girl i used to work with got hit on by our old boss. and FREAKIN CALLED ME OUT on the fact that he's hit on me too.. and other people. now while this is true, i in no way took it personal and didn't feel uncomfortable at all around him. he's like.. my fucking dad man. i love him so much and would totally do anything for him. while it isn't hard to believe AT ALL that he did this. . (popped her bra strap and tried to get in her pants) i dunno i kind of want to protect him. he has a lot to lose. what is she? a bartender? maybe that's shitty of me. maybe it's the whole 'its my fault' guilt trip coming back.. BUT FUCK MAN. how many people have hit on the closest person to them whilst obliterated. she should have never been in the situation to begin with.

UGH that aside. beth you need to update. there was something else but i forget now. oh!!! my schooling has been postponed until january so i can get all my shit done this fall. i feel more comfortable this way.
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Music: Korn - All in the Family
01 June 2007 @ 06:17 am
i'm not really touched i just like the image.

well first of all things are fucking wonderful! i don't have many plans these days but hey i'm not letting it get the best of me. i am having to decide between 2 colleges right now ugh and i must decide within the next 2 weeks or so, ALTHOUGH i still have NO IDEA what i will study. i kind of want to be a medical examiner now. or at least work in a morgue.

i keep watching 'soul survivors' like over and over again. each time it really does kind of get better, and i'm actually understanding the plot rather than just staring at eliza's sexy parts the whole time. they are such nice parts that i created the most huge picspam in the history of picspams. ok. maybe not the history. but close! AND lee made me the HOTTEST banner ever.

all pics under here...Collapse )

ALSO! she is making me watch the whole buffy series.. which at first i was very upset about.. mainly because faith isn't even in seasons 5 OR 6 but i'm halfway through season 5 with her and i'm so into it that i never want it to end. joyce is sick... there's.. THERE'S A SHADOW *wails* .. oh and don't you worry. there will be buffy screen caps as well.

lastly, i'm starting my plans for my LA trip in october. i plan to stay for about a week, college permitting. it all depends on what dates i decide on. i may have to fake my own death. anywho, i'm hanging out with franky, janine, and yavuz AND SO CAN'T WAIT to see all of them again. i wanna go to buca! and TOMMY'S dear lord i miss that place so much. and now finally being of age i can actually go to the clubs... we're planning on driving to vegas also. yay!
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Music: rage, power - rakit
26 May 2007 @ 08:36 am
New layout, new mood theme... slightly modified from other graphics/codes of course. We all know I hate starting from scratch. All credits are in my profile. Oh.. and the header's mine. Don't use it unless ya tell me first kay? Kay!

Other update? I found out Lee and I have watched oh around 2-3 days worth of Eliza material over the past 3 weeks or so. Isn't that awesome/sad! But the good news is we have tons more to go! WHOOO!

Stalk to ya lata!
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03 July 2006 @ 02:43 am
comment to be added thanks. muah.